Asian Moon Halloween Extravaganza & Business Conference

Oct 29, 2023 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We sincerely appreciate your sponsorship, service showcases, cultural performances, and valuable resources that have played a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant community for our business members. Your unwavering presence and dedication to networking and exploring new possibilities have been instrumental in the growth and development of our thriving environment.

Treasured Moments

Exceptional Contributions

Valued Sponsors & Partners

Remarkable Exhibitors

Staff & Volunteers

Treasured Moments

Precious memories were made during the Asian Moon Halloween Extravaganza, as attendees from far and wide traveled thousands of miles to experience the positive energy. Local and out-of-state supporters united, while our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to bring this event to life. Their hard work paid off, fostering happiness, spreading contagious smiles, and facilitating the creation of lifelong friendships. The overwhelming success of this extravaganza begs the question: Shouldn’t we do this again?

Exceptional Contributions

These distinguished chamber awards symbolize the immense dedication and tireless efforts of our outstanding community members. Each awardee is a true representation of excellence, embodying the values and spirit that define us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the steadfast supporters who have stood by us throughout the year. Your unwavering support and contributions have paved the way for a vibrant and thriving environment. Together, we create the EPIC joint efforts of diverseness that make the Asian Moon Halloween Extravaganza a truly unforgettable experience.

Sponsors & Partners Help Make This Event phenomenal

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Dedicated WCCC Staff & Volunteers

Board Members & Staff

Paul Hsu, Honorary Chair

Chris Gan, President

Ziming Wu, Vice President

Charles Li, Chair of Policies & Strategies

Yili Guo, Chair of Member Services

Fanni Xie, Chair of Representations

Haiyun Lu, Chair of Corporate Outreach

Yan Lu, Chair of Community Network

Mingtao Jiang, Ph.D, Chair of Grant Oversight

John Wang, Chair of Community Relations

Wenbin Yuan, Executive Director

Celine Fang, Associate Executive Director 

Olivia Wang, Marketing Director

Olivia Wang, Volunteer Coordinator, Supplies Management

Ziming Wu, Jian Zhang, Technology & AV Support

Wenbin Yuan, Chris Gan, Ethan Zhang, Ethan Xiong, Hospitality and Guest Services

Chi Zhang, Yifei Guo, Yengtha Vue, Haiyun Lu, Ray Gorman, Event Set Up & Tear Down

Ginger Yuan, Xiaojing Wang, Huiying, Di Yin, Ticketing and Registration

Yingxin Wang, Celine Fang, Award Ceremony & Presentations Design

Chris Gan, Zhangxi, Teddy, Stage Management

Jesse Huang, Herman Cheung, Volunteer Lunch

Thanks to all the wonderful attendees, dedicated staff members, enthusiastic volunteers, generous sponsors, and talented vendors for making the Asian Moon Halloween Extravaganza an absolutely extraordinary event. Your presence and unwavering support have not only brought immense joy and excitement, but also created a vibrant and flourishing community for our valued business members to thrive in. We are truly grateful for the countless treasured moments shared, exceptional contributions made, and cherished partnerships formed, all of which have contributed to making this incredible experience truly unforgettable. We cordially invite you to join our remarkable team and be part of something truly extraordinary. Together, let’s continue to embrace and celebrate our diverse efforts, forging a path of unity and success.